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August 23, 2022

"Her New Home"
commentary for scene 4 of #book1

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Mary Ann Singleton climbing the steps of 28 Barbary Lane for the first time - from the 1993 Mini-series of Tales of the City

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Link to the text: Her New Home (starting on page 22) (Scribd membership required)

Mary Ann Singleton and Anna Madrigal talking - from the 1993 Mini-series of Tales of the City

Plot summary: Mary Ann left Connie's apartment early to go out apartment hunting. She first scanned the area for "for rent signs," then hit a rental agency after breakfast at IHOP. She checked out two apartments that were a no-go, before the final one at 28 Barbary Lane.

It is here we meet Anna Madrigal, who quotes Tennyson and doesn't have "a problem with anything." Mary Ann loves the place and is welcomed into "the family."

Back at Connie's apartment that evening, Mary Ann agrees to go out with Connie that night to the hottest singles hunting scene in town, the famous "social Safeway."

Cultural Refences:


My thoughts: This scene is extremely important because it is here that we are introduced to two of the most important characters of this book: Anna Madrigal and 28 Barbary Lane.

Anna of course is the "mother of us all," the pot-loving delightfully-eccentric landlady who is much, much more than a landlady, but 28 Barbary Lane (the house) is in many ways a character in its own right.

I'm tempted to say more about this scene, but I'll leave it as it is.